VODE verified open democracy platform combines zero-trust computing with decentralized public ledge technologies to delivery new possibilities in public identity.

VODE (V) builds on the Public platform to include Augmented Reality verified assets, while maintaining zero-trust computing and decentralized public ledge technologies. Commerce and Identity modules become available delivering smart contract possibilities with public identities.

VODE (C) Corporate tightly integrates proxy voting enhancements to the underlying framework. With enhanced certificate issuing authority and cross signing capabilities, private corporate identities are now possible.

VODE | Verified Open Democracy |

Peer-to-peer zero trust subscription. Combining public/private verification with peer-to-peer zero trust open ledger passthrough.

Smart contracts with term insurance up to one year through a Central Authority Business Rule Manager, VODE (Core)™.  Pay-per-use Do-if-if-Do © Open Ledger, provides third party verification of smart contract terms, allowing complete AI fulfilment.