Renewablw Energy Data Centers (ReDC)

ReDC is a vital part of myDMDi’s computing design initiatives. Unlike some huge providers like Facebook, Microsoft, or Google, who lease their capacity tens or hundreds of megawatts at a time, smaller colocation hosts must rely on smaller scale operations.
While large member corporations of the FOIP working group created a general solution for colocation customers to account for their providers’ investment in renewables, by creating a protocol to “enable this transfer of green attributes from the data center to the tenant.”, most smaller customer must rely on other accounting methods.

ReDC are Energy Suppliers

The Renewable Datacenter is poised to become a net energy suppliers. When energy generation from solar or wind, for example, have  met the computing needs of the datacenter, excess generation can be sold to the grid.  Meaning new datacenter that invest in green energy can use that technology investment to generate a profit

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